No sound or music on Chrome desktop (windows 10)

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I was just checking on my games yesterday and realize that no sound or music is playing on Chrome for desktop. Firefox and Edge are working fine. IE never worked.

On Chrome for Android sound and music will start playing after the first user input. Firefox works just fine.

Did I miss something? Windws, Android, and browsers are all up to date.

I'm on the latest version of GameMaker: Studio 1.4 now and having this issues but the games on my catalog where made on 1.4.1763 and still the same thing.

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I have the same problem, using Construct 2.  My projects' audio worked in Chrome a few days ago, but now--nothing (unless I press F5;  then the sound returns).  I tried my games out on other peoples' computers, using Chrome, and had the same result, although all of the other browsers worked fine.  It seems something in Chrome changed during an upgrade process, perhaps.  At least two other people complained about it in the Scirra (Construct) forum.

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I think I figured it out:



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Here is a a little hack that worked for me. Just ad that anywhere on your game.js. I put it on the very beginning. 

if(typeof AudioContext != "undefined" || typeof webkitAudioContext != "undefined") {

   var resumeAudio = function() {

      if(typeof g_WebAudioContext == "undefined" || g_WebAudioContext == null) return;

      if(g_WebAudioContext.state == "suspended") g_WebAudioContext.resume();

      document.removeEventListener("click", resumeAudio);


   document.addEventListener("click", resumeAudio);


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I hit this problem as well.  I fixed it by calling resume() when the user presses a button:


If you look at your Chrome console, it will tell you that it created AudioContext in a suspended state, and give you instructions on how to resume it.

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