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Hey everyone,

I want to attach some additional code to Phaser.Tween.start.

I realize I could do

Phaser.Tween.prototype.start_custom = function () {
	console.log("Custom Code");;

But couldn't I also do it without creating a separate function? I can't find anything really helpful on it and although I realize it's pretty basic, I have no idea on how to actually do it :D

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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One is just to copy and modify the original function body, then overwrite the function:

Phaser.Tween.prototype.start = function () {
  // ...

Another is to save the original and call it from the new function:

var tweenStart = Phaser.Tween.prototype.start;

Phaser.Tween.prototype.start = function () {
  // special code ...;
  // special code ...


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