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Ohhh, you're in GOOD COMPANY there, Deltakowboy!  Enjoy the show, guys!  Thanks for representing us!  We're proud and honored to have you guys... raising/holding our very-bright BJS torch.

"The bluest skies... you've ever seen... are in Seattle.  And the hills... the greenest green... in Seattle" - Perry Como

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It was really great to meet some of you at the booth! And a lot of people were impressed by our engine on-site. We still have a lot of work to do to gain better visibility & awareness.

But as soon as people discover us and play with the engine, they're convinced of its potential! It's great.

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Davrous, are you in USA these days?  Or... did you fly-in for the event?  Or... ?

I know, ninja me busywax... but... all in all, I'm glad that you were able to attend.  Yet another excellent representative at the show... very good.

I ALMOST made the drive from MI... just to hug all you guys and see if I could mooch a meal and a beer from ya'll.  :) Had I known YOU were going to be there... hell... that might have gave me the final push towards my truck.  :)

If Team BJS would have agreed to cover my 5-star hotel bills and 5-star prostitute costs... hell, I would have come over in my LearJet  ;)

Thanks for the reports and pics, guys!  Very cool.

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It was last week... but felt like yesterday.

It was my pleasure to meet the 2 David's and other members (trevor, sebavan, gary, saurabh, szeyin, et all) in person!

I am using this pic for the Wikipedia page I am working on.

From spare-time development 5 years ago to having its own official booth in msbuild 2018.

What a journey! Congrats again. And... keep up the good work. 😀


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