How to enable Debug showing Sprite collision boxes

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Hey guys,

I have searched all over to figure this our but no luck.  How do I enable the debug to show the bounding/collision boxes on sprites in Phaser 3?  this was pretty easy to do in Phaser 2 but I dont see any docs on how to do this for 3.



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11 minutes ago, rodrigezer said:


i was looking for that option for one hour

But i have a problem
this.physics.add.image(400, 100, 'block'); <<< It renders debug overlay, cool

this.add.image(400, 100, 'block'); <<< render nothing. :(\physics\arcade\simple body.js

It has to be attached to a physics body to see the bounds of the box, otherwise you have to write your own graphics outline of a scene.add.image, which is not connected to a physics body... unless there is a higher level debug flag in the config I dont know about :)


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