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Best program for html5?

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Well if you're talking HTML5 then that really ONLY means compiled to javascript, however, there are an ever-growing number of languages that compile to JS:


Typescript - Microsofts take on making JS more responsible.  Totally unnecessary unless you're in a larger team or really uncomfortable with the looseness JS is capable of.


HAXE - Haxe is actually kind-of wonderful and most large-scale (as in, produced by big big companies) HTML5 games are written in it.  Bonuses include some additional language features (over JS), compilation to a number of targets, tighter restrictions mean team-working is less error-prone although slightly more time consuming.  Like other languages that add tighter constructs to JS, it is unnecessary for solo (or small team) coding and an additional overhead/complication that maybe is best avoided.


Emscripten - This one is a little complex, and technically incorporates a few different technologies but the short of it is that you can compile C/C++ to JS to be run in the browser (or wherevs).  Depending on how you do this will turbo-charge your JS.  asmjs, for example, can perform a number of optimizations, itll run anywhere but if you use the latest dev versions of Firefox rumour has it your code could be 10x faster.


Dart - Now here is a good one.  Particularly good if you are a fan of java.  Adds a number of language constructs, compiles well and is starting to attract some very big names.  Is very actively developed and is Googles thing so theres some weight behind it.  Oh yeah, notch is a fan.


Flash - This is still an option.  But a very poor one.  Just to avoid any confusion, it most definitely is not HTML5.


Vanilla - Dont underestimate the power of raw JS.  Its an incredible language.  Like any language it has its strengths and pitfalls.  It is no longer deserving of a lot of bad press generated by a generation of JS hackers—it is capable of fully fledged and very powerful applications.  It is also not a silver buller—bad code is bad code in any language.  Its all to do with the skill of the architect and programmer.  ECMAScript 6 is scheduled for December with many juicy new features aimed at making JS an even better choice for 'proper' grown-up programs.  You can play with many features of the latest spec with dev builds of browsers (Canary is recommended) and a few special flags.



In terms of frameworks/engines, well, take your pick.  Best idea is to pick one with plenty of active development and preferably with a bit of history.  There is a reason the best rise to top over time and its easy to get lost in the sea of frameworks currently available.


Nothing, no, nothing at all, is more important than your own skill as a developer though.

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