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Adventure Castle now available at

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Play the first most awesome platformer adventure game by the Zulu Team (actually it's only me). 

This was my first foray into HTML5 and Game Design that I have finally uploaded into the game archive on my site.

I have a very VERY soft spot for this game. 

Not only does it have excellent colour design  – it boasts ten levels of fun and has a magnificent soundtrack with screaming cats!

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18 minutes ago, titotu said:

Chrome says


I tried it in Chrome just now, received the same message indeed. But it does work in Firefox for me.


It only happens if you directly copy paste the url from the title in your address bar. If you browse to in Chrome it works just fine.

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4 hours ago, ZuluOneZero said:

Hi BoneJarmer - this was the first game I ever made from scratch. It took about 4 months.

I got to say nice job for a first game! Obviously lots of place for improvements but that's okay. You got to start somewhere I always say. So, the first thing I would reccommend is giving a more direct link to your game. Users now have to go to your website -> games -> Adventure Castle. My suggestions are:

1) Give us the direct link

2) Place a thumbnail from your game directly on the homepage which links to the game's page should you insist that people have to go to your website first that is.

Although I never recommend doing so because 1 click to much means bye bye player. To be farily honest, players tend to be a little lazy and having to search for a game before they can play it can often make players quit before they even got there for most of them do not want to put in the extra effort. Also, if I am not mistaken, the board's rules require a direct link too as well as some screenshots. Neither of those are visible in your post so I recommend adding them. Not just because of the rules but because you will attrect many more players that way.

As for the game's feedback:

1) Did you draw the start screen yourself? If so, try to get a higher quality picture. If not, be cautious. Using images from someone else is not always allowed, unless the creator allows it of course (aka free resources)

2) Love how the levels change each time you load the game. Good decision!

3) Graphics are good overall. Did you get them from somwhere or did you draw them yourself?

4) The game looks very stretched on my screen. Either way I suggest to turn of anti-aliasing or limit the canvas size to something that makes it still look good.

5) The UI could use some work. Try to use rectangles with a color and make sure the text is inside the shape of the UI.

There is plenty more though to give feedback on but I'll suggest to work on this first. It is a lot to go through everything and my lunch break at work is about to run out so yeah lol. Keep up the good work!

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First of all thanks very much for the feedback. I really appreciate it (and on your lunch break too!)
It's a very rare thing to get such excellent thoughtfull comments.

1) re: the direct link - thanks will do
2) Thumbnail on the homepage which links to the game's page on the website is a great idea.

In response to the feedback:

1) The start screen is my own and my art pipeline was not great at the time - they are simple screenshots of the game - agreed it needs  more work.
2) Love how the levels change each time you load the game. Good decision! - thanks :)
3) The graphics and art are mostly mine - I used a free set from the internet as a template for sizing and inspiration.
4) The game looks very stretched - no idea how to fix that at the moment but I'll look into it.
5) The UI is very basic but best I could do at the time.

Thanks again for the encouragement!

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