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[Phaser] Color Hit

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Hi @zelcard,

Nice game. I liked the game mechanics and the excellent visual effects.

There are 3 points that I think could improve the game:

  • Because the time of the game is limited, replay value is low. Some type of endless mode could improve this aspect.
  • Some type of help / tutorial to know what to do at least in the first game.
  • The music of the game could be coordinated with the different states of the game (for example, lower the volume at the beginning of the game, change to another music, ...).

Here my best result 😁 :



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very pleasant game :-)

to me it seems that on pc it would be easier as a one button (tap) game, all balls only going upwards to 0 o' clock

and on phone i'd have some bias for 9-3 o clock too, so i'd want tap only there too

the whole game being slower would make more fun for me, because easier
the ball speed being faster, relative to the "snakes", would be more fun for me to, easier to get to the outer most one then
=> so maybe leave everything but make the snakes slower

the orchestral hit between rounds is too loud (5 db?)

want the lines to be cute snakes that go in circles, just give each one two little eyes



4 changing directions could be some mode for the one tap (when it's slow enaugh)

shoot 1: must shoot to 3 o' clock
shoot 2: must shoot to 0 o' clock
shoot 3: must shoot to 9 o' clock

or just clockwise

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