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Phaser 3 HUD Menu

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Hi everyone,

I am trying to move Phaser 3 and building a demo project that includes HUD menu.

In Phaser 2, i was using sprite.fixedToCamera but i couldn't find a property that equals to fixedToCamera in docs.

Is there a proper solution to implement HUD menus that won't be affected from main camera's zoom ratio?

Thank you!


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With Phaser 3, you can create a HUD/UI overlay with a scene that is active at the same time as your main game scene (or scenes).  Every scene has its own set of inputs, game objects, cameras and more; so the camera setup in one scene is totally separate from every other scene.  You can start/restart/stop/pause and change the render order (the scene layering or depth) with the Scene Manager.

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Sorry to bump and old thread, this idea is working great for me but I have one problem.

Pretend that instead of a set text call like in the example it was a fillRect instead.  This still works fine until a user does something like resizes the window, then the fillrect starts painting all over the main scene.

How can you trigger a repaint of the main scene in case of a resize?

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