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Impossible Snake 2, one-button snake sequel with more levels

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I've been working on Impossible Snake 2 for a while now and at this point I feel it's finished. :)You can play a 9 level preview demo in the link below.

Impossible Snake 2 on Coolmath games

Impossible Snake 2 demo

It is the sequel to Impossible Snake and it's a one-button snake game. You control the snake with only a single tap to change its direction, each time you tap the snake will toggle between turning clockwise and counter-clockwise. So in a way the controls are similar to Flappy Bird. Eat all apples to open the exit, go through the exit to complete the level. There are bonus coins in difficult to reach spots to add an extra challenge.

There are some new features compared to the first Impossible Snake:

  • Go through the exit to complete a level
  • Collect bonus coins for an extra challenge
  • Moving spark enemies, avoid them or you'll get electrocuted
  • Laser beams, some can be switched on and off
  • 27 levels + 9 bonus levels
  • 3 different background themes
  • Some sound & graphics tweaks

Btw looking back I don't know why I didn't include screen shake in the previous game, as it's simply built into Phaser. It was just adding one line of code but it gives that much more *oomph* when you hit a wall. 😆
Anyway let me know what you think of the game.




Edit: Impossible Snake 2 was just published on Coolmath Games

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On 9/8/2018 at 2:38 PM, bakir.omarov said:

I liked gameplay, nice sounds, but graphics is not so good. If you can effort buy some graphics or hire GFX designer!

I've worked with graphics designers before (example on this game) and I really want to do that again. The resulting game is always much better looking no doubt about that. However, the budget for these webgames is small, so it's not always feasable.

When I made the first Impossible Snake game I knew I had to do the graphics myself, so I intentionally kept it simple; no fancy cut-scene intro or elaborate sprite animations etc.

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Btw there is an easter egg in both Imposssible Snake and Imposssible Snake 2, if you play it today (Oct 31st) the apples are replaced with Halloween themed pumpkins :) There are a few more "easter eggs" (hint hint) like this.

Spoiler: Easter eggs on Easter day, Green apples on StPatricks Day and little cakes on my birthday May 27th

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