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When I create a hexagonal prism for SPS, it does not seem to recognize the rotation.  I have been rotating the particles en masse after creation, but I gotta believe I am just doing it wrong.       The "shapes" have no color.  The particles are colored.

To save memory, I must have "updatable" set to false.  This makes my work-around harder.

Advice requested.

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The solid particles are built from their model in its local space. It is to say that whatever the transformations applied to the model (translation, rotation, scaling, pivot), they aren't used by the solid particles.

You can either :

- rotate then the particles according to your needs (at construction time with the position function or at any time with an updatable SPS)

- rotate the model, bake it, then build the particles from the rotated baked model :

- both 😄

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