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Qt html5 canvas application

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I'm new here... just found the forum! I'm doing indie HTML5 canvas game programming... coming from a profesionnal C++ game programming job a couple years ago. I could use webgl if I had to (pixi.js or manual).


While I'm working on my Javascript code, I keep an eye out for a solution allowing me to package my HTML5 app in a mobile app "container" so I can sell it on the app stores (iOS and Android, ideally Windows Store too). I read tons of stuff... CocoonJS (I don`t like the idea of being dependent on them), phonegap (heard it's slow),


So my question: did anyone try the Qt HTML5 container? I did a small test on PC and I was able to draw to the canvas. The problem I can see is that it's embedding Webkit so the resulting binary is probably going to be quite large (too large for mobile?). I heard Qt ran on iOS adn Android. Is that a good path to follow? Any advice?


Just trying to get a discussion rolling on using Qt as a container. I haven't read all the threads on this forum about packaging an app for mobile but I searched for Qt and didn't find anything.



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