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Unstable - My Phaser Game, Released Last Week

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I released my first Phaser project last week on Kongregate. I'd love any feedback anyone here might have about how to make this project (and future projects) better!

Additionally, if anyone has advice for successfully releasing/shipping/marketing games, I'm all ears for that too. 🙂


Solve challenging real time puzzles to unlock portals that take you to new more advanced worlds. Perfect your navigation of each level to unlock bronze, silver, and gold time trial medals.

Play the game here:


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Cool game, it's like an avoid-em-up :) Don't know why but it reminds me a bit of that old Impossible Mission II game.

As for improvements, it is is a bit confusing that the hub world/level select is exactly the same as the actual levels (ok except without enemies). For this type of game I would prefer just a simple level select screen that shows how many levels there are and how many you completed. Another thing, when you have completed the first 2 hubs and then reload the page it starts you in the first hub again, and you have to walk all the way to the last hub where there are uncompleted levels. So I would change the hub "levels" to more structured and less maze-like so they're easier to navigate.

Also, the texts on the doors are way too small to read.

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