Jelly balls

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Hi guys,
This is my new HTML5 game. :)
Jelly balls is a puzzle game.
Your objective is explodes the jellies starting a sequence of explosions.
This game uses the same gameplay of Lolly Balls, but without 
app purchases (some publishers don't like it) and with 60 new levels and 28 achievements.
- Achievements
- Fullscreen mode
- iOS icon / Web App Capable
- 60 levels (more can be added)
- Optimised for mobile devices, the
  download is less than 300kb*
- Multilanguage support**
- Game download is more faster after 
   the first gameplay
In the link below you can play the game (mobile browser ready \ o / ):
Tested on:
- New Ipad (iOS7)
- Galaxy Tab 7.0 (Android 4.0)
- Lumia 920 (WP8)
- Razr D3 (Android 4.1)
Some screenshots:
Please, any feedback is appreciated.
If you can, please tell in what devices/browser/mobile SO have you tested the game and how it run.
Again, thanks for the feedback.   :)
*  Without sounds and fonts
** Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and English (default). More can be added


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Tested on Firefox / Mac .. nice idea!


Hi soliver,
Thanks. :)


Cute and nicely polished!  Did you do all of the content yourself?


Hi Tanuki,
Yes. I just didn't the art and the sounds.
But the other things (game design, level design, code, engine, etc) it's me. :)
Thanks for the feedback.

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Wow, I really love this concept of games, it reminds my my old nokia phone !


The art are nice, but I'm more impressed by the features, if all you said is working, that's brilliant job !


EDIT :As far as I played, the things that would improve it I think would be to use another font, more "Jelly".

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Hi, Well done! I tested it on Lenovo A369I smarphone, loaded good enough for such content. Runs good, but it would be better to make buttons larger, it's small for my 800*480 screen.

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