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how save mesh uses press html button?

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for example i have:

html button

<button id="objButton" onclick="fileExport()"></button>

result of

var objtext = BABYLON.OBJExport.OBJ(OBJexport); // this is *.obj file syntax with meshes from scene

what syntax

should i use inside fileExport function, that popup window savefile in browser?

I have syntax with link a href which work , but i need use button, because the program gui with buttons usually, but not with text links.

this is a href syntax:

function download(text, name, type) {

    var a = document.getElementById("a");

    var file = new Blob([text], {type: type});

    a.href = URL.createObjectURL(file);

    a.download = name;


after this, click link and can save file. I need button way. If possible not way where button press call a.click()

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20 minutes ago, NasimiAsl said:

a.onclick() or $(a).click()

omg))) ... button way!... pure button way, because i want that sources will be taken only in time of creating exported file data. In case of use a.onclick , "a" must be prepaired before using, and take cpu and memory every time i recount model.

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