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Hi everyone

A few weeks ago we released version 4 of our awesome html5 game engine.

TLDR: Here's a 3-minute video overview


It's a pretty unique thing that you can use as a plain JavaScript framework (with your own IDE and tools), or as a fully integrated authoring tool, or both at the same time.

It does a lot of things, including:

  • Drag and drop objects to construct your scenes
  • Write game loops and event handlers for your objects with an integrated code editor
  • Powerful Sprite and Animation editors
  • Isometric and Tilemap terrain editors
  • Physics editor: define shapes, connect objects together with joints, define physics properties with an intuitive GUI
  • Flow chart editor to organize your game logic
  • Real-time shader editor for individual objects and for post-process effects
  • Dedicated visual editors for specific game types such as Match-3 and Hidden Object
  • Export your game/app with one click to Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. Or download the source to do whatever you want.
  • Use ready-made assets from a growing list of online repositories. You always get access to all the code powering them so you can change anything

The key thing is that it's a very, very flexible system that allows you to do things the way you like:

  • Design games with a fully-featured visual editor, or use WADE as a plain JavaScript framework to integrate with your own tools. Your choice.
  • Write all your code from scratch, or use pre-made objects. Or some pre-made objects and some of your code. You decide.
  • Entity-Component-System. Or not. Or just a bit. It's up to you.
  • Entirely data-driven. Partially data-driven. Not data-driven at all. Pick the approach you prefer.
  • Event-driven or update-loop based. Or both. Whatever suits your needs.
  • Choose a renderer: WebGL, 2d canvas, or both together.
  • Organize your game flow with code, or with flow charts. Want to do a bit of each? Of course you can
  • Work directly in your browser using our online editor, or download it and use it off-line

It's completely free to use (and open-source), give it a go if you like.

The visual editor works in your Chrome browser, no need to download anything (if you want you can download it though, or just download the js framework).

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Oooh this does look interesting and might just be what I was looking for. I'm just a bit doubtful seeing as it doesn't seem to be very popular here... From your videos it looks 5x better than anything I've tried so far but is it really? And is it actually free or do you have to pay for some features like most other frameworks... you say "completely free" but html5gameengine.com says "free (varies)". Which one is it?

If there are any devs here using it, would you recommend it for an isometric RPG?

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Hi @kolkat

I couldn't tell you if it's better or worse than others, I've only ever used Wade. I can tell you it's pretty good, but I may be biased :) We've made some moderately successful games with it. Maybe try it and see if you like it? We also have some isometric tutorials if you look on our site.

To answer your question, in the past we used to have a freemium model whereby you'd purchase some "premium plug-ins". But it was too much effort to maintain the e-commerce side of things compared to how much money we were making with that, so yeah now it's all completely free. I'm afraid all the info on that site you mentioned is terribly outdated.



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On 6/21/2018 at 2:51 PM, kolkat said:

If there are any devs here using it, would you recommend it for an isometric RPG?

yes absolutely! Long time wade user here and I think it's the best by far in my opinion. But it takes time getting used to, it is different and sometimes overwhelming because you can do the same thing in many different ways (traditional script, script in the editor, function attached to object in the editor, flow chart etc). And you don't know what is best when you start using it. The learning curve can be steep

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