Yeli Orog - A completely FMV adventure game made with HTML5

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For years I imagined making a completely FMV interactive story/puzzle game (think Myst but made entirely with videos). Last year I finally got around to figuring out how to make the game mechanics work, and little by little put together Yeli Orog. The game was made with HTML5, CSS, and Javascript, and packaged with Electron. The game takes place in Asturias, Spain and was filmed in various locations there. 


Yeli Orog is a FMV interactive story game about an immense archaeological discovery: A bizarre stone tablet written in the Celtiberian language found buried underneath an ancient dolmen in northern Spain. The inscription written on the tablet tells a ghoulish tale believed to be the Celtiberian origin myth. 

You play the role of Johnny Robin, an archaeologist sent to Asturias, Spain to assist in the recovery of Celtiberian remains. Upon arrival to Asturias you find yourself unexpectedly transported to an alien world, experiencing first-hand the terrifying story written on the ancient tablet.

If you are a fan of Myst-like games, interactive stories with puzzle elements, and FMV games, I think you will appreciate Yeli Orog. If you have any questions about the game let me know.

Here is the steam page, the game will be released on July 13th:

Here is the trailer:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Some in-game screenshots:





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Nice!! I played a game like this a looooooong time ago called Mata Nui Online Game II. It was created by Templar Games back in the early 2000's and published on in 2003 as content you could buy with kanoka points (which you could earn by finding codes on the Bionicle's cannisters/packages/disks). Loved it back than and still do. Great to see another game like it. I see many games nowadays aiming to be 'awesome' or 'outstanding' or basically original as in 'not seen yet in the app store' but that does not do it in my honest opinion. I think that games should be original, fun and good looking. A combination of those 3 would make an awesome game. Yours looks definitely original, fun and with good graphics.

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44 minutes ago, TheBoneJarmer said:

Yours looks definitely original, fun and with good graphics.

Thanks, I appreciate it.  I've always found video to be more impactful than computer graphics, I wanted to make a world that felt more real than a computer generated world.

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