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(Earcut was not found) ExtrudePolygon

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Does anyone know why I get the error 'Earcut was not found, the polygon will not be built.' when using BABYLON.MeshBuilder.ExtrudePolygon?

I created a PG with the exact same function, but on the PG it works fine: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#3DDQSZ ...click on the plane to create a shape.

It does not work in my code though which is annoying.. here's the error:

BJS - [06:47:49]: Earcut was not found, the polygon will not be built.

Uncaught TypeError: i is not a function
    at t.build (babylon.js:44)
    at Function.t.CreatePolygon (babylon.js:32)
    at Function.t.ExtrudePolygon (babylon.js:32)
    at r.scene.onPointerDown (scene.js:60)
    at r._processPointerDown (babylon.js:12)
    at HTMLCanvasElement._onPointerDown (babylon.js:13)

Thank you.

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I'm also getting issues with earcut. My code using BABYLON.MeshBuilder.ExtrudePolygon with Babylon 3.3 was previously working without passing the argument earcutInjection. When i upgraded to Babylon 4.0.3, the earcutInjection parameters is now required, leading to the following error in my code

'babylon.js:16 Uncaught (in promise) ReferenceError: earcut is not defined
    at Function.e.ExtrudePolygon (babylon.js:16)'

Could you please clarify how do you pass the earcut library to the  BABYLON.MeshBuilder.ExtrudePolygon mesh builder ? I haven't done any playground as this issue is dealt with on the playgrounds examples, but I cannot understand how.

Thanks for your advises !

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