Phaser 0.9.2 Update

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Yes, another one :)


  • Fixed issue with create not being called if there was an empty init method.
  • Added ability to flip a sprite (Sprite.flipped = true) + a test case for it.
  • Added ability to restart a sprite animation.
  • Sprite animations don't restart if you call play on them when they are already running.
  • Added Stage.disablePauseScreen. Set to true to stop your game pausing when the tab loses focus.

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These are some of the features of Flixel that are really great to have and I was going to post about them but you've fixed them before I could even complain!


One thing that the tests don't show how to do is use inheritance to create a subclass of Sprite outside of Phaser namespace.


For example, if you've got a Player character and you want that to be a class that inherits from Sprite but has it's own set of actions. You can see how that's done looking at the Sprite class, but I'm sure it's just a small modification outside of the Phaser namespace.

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I'm currently a dedicated Flixel user, but it feels like the writing is on the wall for Flixel and Flash to some extent. Really liking what I'm seeing from Phaser and looking forward to 1.0.

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