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Pixel art vs vector graphics - a big deal?

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As I'm getting close to finish my first html5 game, a doubt is rather bothering me so I think it's worth asking here. Are vector graphics really a big deal for those who are seeking to find sponsors for a game?

This is how the game looks like so far (the sprites aren't all original yet, they're being worked on):


Only the buildings are mine, the rest is placeholder and is in the works. The game has a integer scaling system, making its art look sharp in any resolution. That's how it looks on the phone:


The game is inspired by Caesar 3, with 13 buildings and a few missions. That's not the point though, what I really want to ask for people who have been working on html5 games professionally is: am I wasting money investing in graphics like this?

Thanks in advance!

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I'm not really sure what you're asking.

Your game looks great, bit hard to tell if only the buildings are your own stuff but they look good, consistent and colourful.

Pixel art is huge at the moment.

Graphics are just about developing a feel for your game, pixel, vector, hand-drawn, 3d, 2d, it doesn't matter.

Create an aesthetic for your game and make things consistent and you're probably on to a winner no matter what style you employ.

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