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Ways to debug low FPS of my game

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My Phaser 3 game runs at around 48-55 FPS on mobile browsers but runs at around 58-60 FPS on my Macbook. It's a simple casual car game.

I don't know how to debug this further. I tried profiling using Chrome's remote debugger but when I do USB debugging the frame rate falls to 17 FPS due to the overhead. That's not feasible.

Given that the game runs respectably fast on my laptop but not on my mobile phone's browser, how do I solve this? My mobile device is rather new and I would definitely have wanted to it run seamlessly on my phone.


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That's pretty normal. Even a top spec mobile is going to struggle against an average PC.

I mainly use FF, but Chrome definitely has a performance tool. Just run it on desktop, see what methods top your flame chart / call tree, and optimise those. In FF it gives you a handy percentage total performance cost for each function over the selected period. They might not be the exact issue with your mobile performance but they might be a good indicator.

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You'll need to look at a wider area than that, and make sure you're covering the part of the game that runs slowly in your mobile browser.

Then expand some of those functions (see the little grey arrow next to Gecko), looks at what methods are being called, and then look at your code to see why it might be running slowly.

Optimisation is an open ended problem. Without seeing your code it is quite difficult to offer any advice.

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