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Bitcoin Wallet Simulator

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Bitcoin Wallet Simulator

Bitcoin wallet simulator is Inspired by real life bitcoin mining and markets. Earn bitcoin on timed intervals from mining which will appear in your account automatically. Invest in more mining speed to earn bitcoin quicker and invest in mining power to earn more bitcoin every mining interval. As bitcoin is not traceable it's possible that the process of mining could be hacked! You will have to invest in a firewall to stop the hackers from stealing your hard earned bitcoin, the costs of purchasing a firewall will depend heavily on the amount of bitcoin your looking to protect. Firewalls will only last 60 seconds before you will need to buy a new one. So you will need to aim to purchase a firewall after purchasing an upgrade to keep the costs as low as possible.

The bitcoin lottery is the best way to earn, every so often you will win a random perk, which could be a bonus or even time 5 on all bitcoin earnings for 10 seconds. Best of all you can gamble your lottery win with a higher or lower mini game for either double or nothing.

Earning bitcoin is fun... sure. Though like real life it's only worth what the market price is in a real world currency. Bitcoin simulator has a simulated market that will grow and plummet differently in every game. Giving you the ability to bank your virtual bitcoin against the market price. It's up to you to decide how much you would like to sell and when to make the most of you bitcoin.



Bitcoin wallet simulator is completely free to play, please let me know if you enjoy it. Thanks, -iDev


Click Here To Play

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Hi @Krisztian Varga,

I've been at this for awhile xD. I have worked hard to try and help developers earn from their HTML5 games and continue to do so. I have a thread here I posted a long time (When the site was new) I would really appreciate it if you showed your support by leaving your thoughts about the site over there to help other developers find the site: 


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