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Transitioning between camera types

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I would like to be able to switch between ArcRotateCamera and FreeCamera with as little motion as possible.

I haven't been able to figure out:

1) How to get the FreeCamera to face the same direction as ArcRotate was when switching.

2) How to remove the 'spinning' effect when switching.

You can 'coil' a camera up by rotating it several times and after switching, it 'uncoils' itself by rapidly spinning.

I thought that for FreeCameras this number is stored in .rotation.y and .alpha for ArcRotateCameras, but limiting these to ±Math.PI doesn't fix this issue.

Don't really want to set inertia to 0 because I like inertia :)



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There is something I'm completely missing here.

If I take away all inertia and only switch between cameras without setting positions/targets/anything. I expect any change in one camera to have no effect on the other, but this is not the case. Looking around with one camera changes the other's position/direction.

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