Friendly competition - Retro Remake Challenge!

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Just make something that is inspired by something "retro".  So something from the 60 through I guess the 80s now (damn I guess even the 90's are vintage these days),   Just something that give that old school feel.  

Bonus Points if you document the process and then Ill be grading everyone on code structure, creativity, and execution, with everyone in the communities opinion having the most impact.

Once the 30 days are done,  time will be called and everyone will be asked to post a link to the docs and/or scene for their project within 24 hours of the 30th day from 9/21. So Oct 11-12th is submission dates.

Don't pre-post links to it but give us teasers photos if possible.
If you run into a problem recreate it in a PG and link us to in a new topic so the community can help out with any hurdles you may run into.

I will post an official "start" tomorrow...  but I mean nobody will judge you for starting now... so in case I am not around to announce it tomorrow.





















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Still happily working on the western train town level I showed you earlier in this post:

  • Created some new 3D models (large steam locomotive, western wagons, lumber & oil structures, goods, some scenery)
  • Added support for bullets and arrows (sheriff/cowboy and indians carry weapons) and weapon aiming
  • Applied the random tiled shader to the ground texture (see other post)
  • Been playing with inputs for the FollowCamera (see other post), but have to learn TypeScript etc. first before I can proceed and commit
  • Lots and lots of refactoring (for the good, luckily) - most stuff is configurable via a settings file now

Some railroad track computations are still a mess though... if I don't get that fixed then the level won't be playable/winnable for users. 😕


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Sounds like you are on your way to win this then!  Can’t wait to see what you got going here in a few days.  I am driving up from LA today to Eureka, but will be around all next week and will try to be more involved if anyone needs help with anything.

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3 hours ago, Pryme8 said:

Last few days, if anyone is in on this.

I will follow up with my promise of the reward of hosting the winner for a year +.

Busy during weekdays, but still making some progress though.

Thanks for the hosting offer. Could use some math help more needed though. 🙂

To fix an annoying bug with the rail track layout, I'm trying to continue a Curve with a Path segment that needs to be connected *in reverse* and in 180 degrees rotation on the tangent line of the end point of the Path to connect to (e.g. "backward" instead of "forward"). Continuing tracks in forward direction with Path segments that start at Zero() no problemo, but the reverse math... aargh! How to compose the translation matrix to use on the Path segment points to prepare it for the Curve.continue?

See picture in X0Z plane:


Path3D A starts in Z+ ends in X+ direction
Path3D B starts in ZX+ ends in Z+ direction
Curve that continues A with B no problemo; finishes in X+ direction.
Curve that adds B reversed as incoming to A at end point = what translation to do on B points before continuing it on A?
I already translated all points of B so that the blue dot become origin. But then a rotation translation is needed on the points in order to properly align axis on reversed tangent of A's blue endpoint direction.


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Well, although I didn't arrive at a finished level, the retro competition still helped me make lots of progress and add new features to my work-in-progress game.

You can play the uncompleted model train retro level (created for this challenge) here:

This level (and all others) will become more exciting as my programming progress continues. Yesterday for example I added the shadows and improved lighting, which look nice.

So my benefit of the challenge was that it helped me get excited about trying out new things and getting things to work.

Not so much that I was able to complete a whole new mini retro game... but that wasn't my goal anyways. 🙂

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