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How to move a button after tweening it's alpha?

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Hi, I manage to figure out how to tween a button's alpha from 1 to 0.5, using tweenjs. Now I can't seem to get it to jump to a certain location after the alpha is 0.5:

this.coverBtn.addEventListener("click", coverBtnfadeOutClick.bind(this));

function coverBtnfadeOutClick() {
			alpha: 0.5
		}, 100, createjs.Ease.none);
	if (this.coverBtn.alpha == 0.5) {
		this.coverBtn.x += 100;

I usually just use onEnterFrame for AS2 in Flash era. How do I do that for html5?

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Looks like your if statement isn't waiting until your tween has completed. So, the script calls tween, then immediately calls the if statement without pausing to wait until the tween has completed.. thus this.coverBtn.alpha is not equal to 0.5 so the coordinate shift doesn't happen. You need a callback or in this case 'onComplete' event.

Example of onComplete event binding here:


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