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Error on simple phaser 3 cordova app

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Hello guys, I trying to debug Phaser3 cordova app through Chrome, but I'm getting an error, here is a screehshot.


this happens when I tap the app or click the preview canvas

And other question, Do you guys know how I can see in the debugger what is in the app? as you can see there is a black screen, but the android app actually has an image.

Here is the APP code:

var config = {
  type: Phaser.AUTO,
  width: window.innerWidth,
  height: window.innerHeight,
  scene: {
    preload: preload,
    create: create

var game = new Phaser.Game(config);

function preload() {
  this.load.image("red", "red.png");

function create() {
  this.add.image(100, 100, "red");



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In terms of debugging, you can connect google chrome to your instance using the remote debugging tool in chrome devtools.

There could be a ton of reasons why you have a blank Cordova app, maybe try WEBGL or CANVAS instead of auto. Or try it on a physical device, or a different emulated platform.

Pay attention to grade errors also, and caching.

Sorry that I can’t be any more help but Cordova can be a dark art.

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