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Hi indie and html developers¬†ūüôā,

a while ago we tried to save a little bit of your time and presented our tool to translate your GOOGLE PlayStore release notes automatically. 
If you missed - click here (HTML5 - Release Notes - Translation Tool - Google Playstore)!

Now we are in the beta test of our new services. It goes far beyond the ideas of our first tool. It enables you to automatically translate and upload all store text assets directly to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.



- Localizing your store descriptions is essential for your App Store Optimization (ASO).

- Translating and uploading app store assets takes a lot of time. You have to translate in over 70 languages for the Google Play Store and in over 25 languages for the Apple AppStore.

- Our Elephant Translate Service supports you with this tasks and automates both, translation and uploading.

- You provide your base texts, your titles, your keywords, your credentials and we translate and upload everything for you within minutes.

- Our tools is easy, comes with lots of help and will guide you through the whole process.


  • ¬†Get more downloads from all over the world
  • ¬†Be more visible within the main stores
  • ¬†Optimize your app publishing process
  • ¬†Localize titles, keywords and descriptions
  • ¬†Change texts and keywords easily
  • ¬†Save tons of hours

If you are interested to be a beta tester just contact us here or using this link: I WANT AN ELEPHANT - TRANSLATE SERVICE


Best regards


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