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I'm working with Babylon.js to make a Facebook Instant Game and I was wondering if this issue happened to someone before me. My main object is a ball that I want to kick. My problem is that it always displays in front of all my other meshes. For example, if the ball lands behind a tree, the ball will appear above the tree in the screen. I used to work with rendering groups and have my ball be in the fourth group (renderingGroup = 3). I now know that this group appears above everything else. Consequently, I tried removing all the rendering group from every mesh but the issue still appears, the ball displays before everything else.

Is there some configuration I should make in Babylon.js so that every mesh displays according to their 3D position?

Best regards!

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It's the default behaviour to display according to the 3D position (there are exceptions like glow/highlight layer/full screen UI/etc).  The 3D position for render order is determined by the distance to the camera.  If you have a huge bounding box on your ball then I think that will be used to determine "depth" in the scene.  You can show the bounding box with ball.showBoundingBox = true  If that doesn't help --  make sure to ask this question in the main BabylonJS forum as this does not appear FB specific and this forum is not monitored by their team.

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