Trying to freeze VR camera position

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Hi @trevordev !!

Thank you for the fix !

It works very well with the HTC Vive headset, but controllers follow the headset's moves. So the camera position is frozen, but the controllers meshes get away on moving and the don't respect the "real distance". I think it's because the controllers translation is not well removed according to the issue checklist.. I've tried to capture a video where you can see the difference between the controller position in the scene and in the vive's menu, but it's seems impossible so I let you test it if you can...

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@trevordev Sorry I did not understand your message 😕
But I made you a diagram explaining the situation:
The gray arrow is what is happening now,
What would be needed is represented by the green arrow (the same vector as the black one but relative to the current camera).


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Ok, so when the controllers are moved, their position should not change at all in Babylon's worldspace and behave the same as a 3dof controller. I'll take another stab at getting this behavior, I'm a little busy at the moment but will try to get this sometime next week.

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