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On 10/28/2018 at 12:22 PM, Shalmak said:

This doesn't cover the ability for the player to "ride" the moving body, which is rather non-trivial.

Also, looking at the example you mentioned, wouldn't it be better to use a PathFollower?

You can use a PathFollower (it seems to work nearly the same way) but friction doesn't work, so the rider falls off.

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On 10/29/2018 at 12:42 AM, GreenCloversGuy said:

I desperately want a tutorial on shaders, I think that a lighting effect would be good for a scene in my game, and a distortion effect to simulate drunkenness would be good as well. But I have 0 expeience with shaders and I can't tell when a shader is a single 3D object or when it's a filter for a 2D plane!

I think some point before the end of the year I'll do a tutorial about how to create a text-based game using Ink and Inkjs, as that's what I'm currently using for my game at the moment. It's pretty powerful and used a lot in Unity games at the moment. 


Shaders can be super fun - but at first hard to wrap your head around because it requires a different way of thinking on how to control graphics through programming. There are plenty of shader tutorials online for webgl that can easily be applied to Phaser because they are one and the same thing. The only thing you have to figure out in Phaser is how to add a custom render pipeline to an object:\renderer\Custom Pipeline.js

A good point to start with shaders is:
And a good prototyping editor would either just be Phaser or

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Something like Google maps please! I would be happy to see "pinch to zoom" tutorial. I cannot find it anywhere.

I would like to zoom in/out maps with multiple clickable objects (cities or countries for example).


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