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Light too strong on Mali-T60 android devices with webgl 2.0

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have issue on Samsung Galaxy 6s phone chrome browser with android 7.0 and webgl 2.0 (works good on webgl 1.0).

I have spotlight above mesh and looks like intensity of it is too high, as mesh is almost white (especially if camera is looking on it down from top).

Mesh have PBRMetal material, trying to debug shader code, so maybe anyone have any clues what to check first ?

Thanks for any input

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Ok, managed to narrow down, issue in not with light directly but only if shadow generator with usePoissonSampling = true is used.


const light = new SpotLight(
        new Vector3(-110, 200, 30),
        new Vector3(0.2, -1, -0.2),
        Math.PI / 4,
const shadowGenerator = new ShadowGenerator(1024, light);
// this line causes issue with extreme specularity
shadowGenerator.usePoissonSampling = true;
shadowGenerator.blurScale = 0.4;

will check what happens with it on shader

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