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Hi everyone,

I start learning to use your software because he is really interesting and usefull but I encounter a serious problem with blender export animation.

So I create some asset and put them little simple, but when I export the file and put it in babylon, all the animation are compiled in one and apply in all the assets;

Let me show you with screen shots.

As you can see in the first screen the asset have their own animation but in the 2 and 3 screenshot they have all animation of all the assets


Is there a solution about that ?

I'll be glad if someone as an answer, thanks you very much and have a nice day.





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If this is the .babylon exporter, all actions that are identified as for a given object are strung together (with gaps).  See your log file for ranges.  Call each by named range (beginAnimation call):

skeleton = scene.getSkeletonByName("bonesCharacter");

When there is only one object with an action assigned, nothing to do,  but when you have more than one mesh being animated, you must name each action, so the exporter can figure out which belongs to what, e.g. 'meshname-myaction'.

If you just wish the current action assigned to be run against all objects, check:


If you are using the glTF exporter, ignore.

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