No Phaser any more!!!

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My job has nothing to do with PC's or software.

But I have learned

  • photoshop
  •  after effects
  • adobe premier
  • html
  • css
  • javascript to an acceptable level
  • the great - but killed beacause everyone could learn it - adobe flash!
  • Also d3.js - how many great textbooks!
  • lovely greenshock (gsap). Polite, willing people!

Really, mr Rich, am I willing to learn!

How could I learned all that stuff?

Simple!   Great resources. People who let others to learn!!! They don't deny it!

As once Bacon said: 'Knowledge is power'!

Keep it for you!

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I see a bunch of babies crying over nothing.

If you want to learn something, just start doing it by example and you will learn eventually. If you want to have a personal tutor, just pay for it and get it done.
What I see is a bunch of people that get Phaser for free and complain that can't find the perfect course also for free.
In life there is nothing free, if you don't spend money you will have to spend time. Get over it!

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First nobody is crying. 

Second it is ridiculous not to have something to read and learn phaser. Yes I want to pay and by a book. 

But I don't want to purchase lessons and webinars that cost a lot of money. 

Third this poor guy Feronato tell him stop to post silly thinks. 

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Hi @makis

You didn't feel Rich's raft of links sufficient for Phaser 2?

One of the consistent things that bring people to Phaser is comprehensive documentation, good supplementary 3rd party documentation and a thriving community.

I think you're totally correct to question this when you see a gap, but, when presented with the evidence for a lack of gap maybe also question your initial assertion.

Phaser 3 is still under active development so those sorts of resources in those sorts of quantities don't exist yet, but, there is still plenty out there and an active community when things get tough or are hard to find answers flying solo.

The code is all public, root through it, many answers there you will find. There are also pretty good test suites (I believe), tests normally show good examples of how to use code.

If you still feel like a gap then nothing will stop you from filling that gap yourself, you might even make a bit of cash out of it if the resource you create is good enough and gathers enough interest. If there really is a gap then it would presumably be lapped up and the extra cash you make would surely be useful to you.

On 9/20/2018 at 4:56 AM, fatboyarming said:

Please develop a Phaser Remto like panda2 to see phaser project as a fullscreen native app, thanks

To take the conversation slightly elsewhere, I wouldn't see the above as necessary to be part of Phaser itself. It would be very easy to create a boilerplate project that provides all of the tooling to make this happen and embed Phaser right in there. This sort of thing often ends up (at least initially) created by a community around the core project.

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