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[WIP] Tetris clone

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It's a little sluggish. I'm used to the original (1984 :) ) version which used the space bar to drop to the bottom immediately.
In your version I have to hold the down cursor, which makes it buffer, which causes the next block to come down like crazy.
Also, the block doesn't rotate immediately.

I'm not sure about the colors either. They're a bit bland. In the original they're primary and hard. That makes it easier to associate the color with the shape.

But then again, what do I know. Maybe this is more like the Nintendo versions...

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Thank you for your feedback!

I will make spacebar drop to bottom immediately and fix the issue with arrow down key.

Colors are on my todo list I need to work on this right now colors are just random.

 I wanted to add some kind of animation when block is rotated so It should fade out and fade in pretty fast - is it annoying?


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Hmm, don't know. Responsiveness is the most important . Bells and whistles come later.
The biggest problem is that it doesn't (always) pick up multiple key presses. I'm used to pressing up and left/right at the same time.
And it moves left/right too slow. The original was instant, it just jumped to the new position, no scrolling.

And it's pretty easy. Just played it to about 1500 and still no challenge. Gave up to respond to your question :)

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