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I gave the names to my Containers and want to get them using  that names(with setName ). For example, I have Container with name 'Container1', 'Container2' ... I want to find the container with 'Container2' name. How can I do that?

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9 hours ago, iKest said:

Phaser does track Game Objects by name with getByName(...) or getAll('name', ...) methods

I'm getting null when typing this.container.getByName('3') .
inside my containers there is an image and this ->  this.container.getByName()  return my Image which does not have name. I think thats because i gave null. But i want to return not the Image but Container  


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8 hours ago, samme said:

Well, it doesn't track them, but it can search them.

Phaser.Actions.GetFirst(containers, { name: 'Container1' });


Im getting error this way too. 

My code is -> 

Phaser.Actions.GetFirst(this.squareContainer, { name: '1' })

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 10.04.08 AM.png

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