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[wip] 'The Young Prince' - party based rpg

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Greetings again,

I've started work on a new game inspired by my own work on 'star scavengers'

This game is a party based rogue-like rpg sort of thing where you have a randomly generated team of 4 characters and can visit towns, dungeons and so on.

Towns have shops such as:

1. Shops for buying equipment
2. Libraries for buying magic spells
3. Taverns for hiring replacement team members
4. Temples for curing diseases, healing illnesses and so on.

Dungeons come in two flavours:

Quest dungeons and non quest dungeons.

Non Quest dungeons are 'at the level of the player' and reset after being cleared after a time.

Quest dungeons related to the main quest which is:

....rescue the 'Young Prince' from the evil Liche who has kidnapped him.

So the gameplay will be that the player moves around a map, fights monsters and clears out dungeons to level up, does stuff in towns to assist them, and reaches sufficient power/level to fight against the 3 boss monsters around the map.

here is a screenshot of development so far


and - here is a weblink to the game so far (not much to see except a map on clicking the first screen - this is just for dev purposes...testing to see if the map generator works.)



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Dungeons now have secret rooms. Different floor tiles.  And there exist three groups of monsters so far. Goblins. Skeletons. And Orcs at the next tier of levels.  Like the player images the monsters come in components but a bit simpler.  One body and 2 layers of overlays.




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First quest created (code works - no idea if balanced yet!)

Bug fixes, features added, graphics added (there are now 4 different 'groups' or 'mobs' of monster types....

Quest below:
'The Skeleton Captain'



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