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wait until my friend accepts (FBInstant)

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When you selected a friend to create a new context.
How can I make that new context be created when my friend accepts?
    FBInstant.context.chooseAsync().then(function (result) {
            action: 'CUSTOM',
            intent: 'REQUEST',
            cta: 'Play',
            template: "join_fight",
            image: base64Picture, //this should be source data of your share picture in 
            //base64! you can parse your picture to base64 use  
            text: "X just invaded Y's village!",
            data: {
                myReplayData: "..."
            strategy: 'IMMEDIATE',
            notification: 'NO_PUSH'
        }).then(function () {
            // closes the game after the update is posted.
            console.log("FBINSTANT Quit");
            FBInstant.context.getPlayersAsync().then(function (result, error) {
    }).catch(function (err) {





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Hi @SahJ, I do not understand your question.
When choosing a context with chooseAsync, the client will try to switch to that context and resolve. What do you mean by "when my friend accepts"?

console.log(FBInstant.context.chooseAsync()) -> why are you logging a method call?
Did you set base64Picture properly?

chooseAsync( )

Opens a context selection dialog for the player. If the player selects an available context, the client will attempt to switch into that context, and resolve if successful. Otherwise, if the player exits the menu or the client fails to switch into the new context, this function will reject.

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I'm sorry if my question is a little fuzzy, I'll try to detail it more.

When I invite my friend, chooseAsync () creates the context for me and my friend before my friend accepts, is there any way to create the context after my friend accepts, it's like doing a duel game, both of them play at the same time and who wins the highest score?
I mean, you can get a callback to know when my friend accepts




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I was using this method and it works when player B enters the game with the frame that sends shareAsync () by messenger, up here well, but player A has the getEntryPointData () equal to null. My idea is to create a waiting room where player A waits for a certain amount of time for Player B to enter and skip the game.


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On 2/28/2020 at 5:33 AM, Bonomi said:

I have the same doubt. Is there any push notification system or the only way to notify the other user is through a new message in the chat window? What I wanted was to avoid closing the game after the user plays and reopen it again 


did you know how to do it?

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