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I've made a 1v1 game but I would like it so that when a player has taken a turn, instead of quiting out of the game, I would like it to return to the main menu so they have the option of choosing to play someone else.  Is there a way of clearing the context, or changing it so that the opponent doesn't keep getting picked up?  Can I just use switchAsync('') or context.createAsync('') and apply a blank value?

I tried FBInstant.endGameAsync() but i think this is old and doesn't work any more... Do I have to initialise the game everytime?


*Never mind, i've just rewrote my Main Menu code.. but would still be good to know if you can clean out an async*

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Great answer :) this is what i was looking for.. i just wasn't sure how to access it.. (ie. blanks values etc).. I will give it a shot today! Thanks!

I've tried to add this in to the game to try get it back to SOLO context.. but when i try this i get an error:

"INVALID_PARAM, At least one player id besides the current player'smust be provided. "
I will try switchAsync... *Nope same kind of error "Invalid context id for player"

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In the end I didn't change the context.. I just made a work around, so if it errored with the same context, i just wouldn't change it and go back to the game. (Or send it somewhere else if need be, but this would be all done in the 'catch' part if a new context couldn't be created for whatever reason).

Hope that helps..

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