Where to test your game without putting it to production?

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I had my instant game approved and the audience network review approved as well. However, after that I decided to make a small change (a version bump of Phaser) and test it. So as usual, I uploaded the new zip to FB instant's web hosting section and pushed it to production. The game was broken and I spent the next few hours trying to fix it to no avail. To my dismay, within 6 hours, audience network got blocked because (they said) my app wasn't functioning properly, which is true, but I was merely trying to test it. What is the correct process of doing this? I have read that we don't need a fresh review of app and audience network every time we update the game. My game wasn't even released. It was only in development mode and it got randomly or automatically reviewed for audience network. Is there a "correct" way of testing experimental changes to the game?


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