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OWN.IO : a real-time brawler in the browser!

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Hi everyone!

I'm very pleased to announce the IO version of my game, OWN! Now you can have a better glimpse at the game without registering, instantly in your browser!

You can try it HERE.

Hope you guys will enjoy it! And don't hesitate to leave some feedback!




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I gave this a try at

  • Lots of buttons on the first screen, I pick "Practice (solo)"
  • Looks like I am in a game world now, the interactive button guides work well.
  • The guide shows the stuff at the top., a surprising amount of options there. Later I recognize the letters and discover keyboard shortcuts for the buttons.
  • I can shoot arrows, but the bots seem to be invincible, as there is no decrease in their hitpoints bars.
  • Looks like there is nothing else to do here, walking to the right is limited and bots cannot be killed.

With all those buttons, it seems like this game is a more complex brawler.

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@Viir Yeah you tried the practice mode! In practice mode bots are invicible, so that you can try all your attacks on them without them dying. It's excellent you started with practice mode : it gives you a stressless environment for you to get along with the game mechanics!

If you wan to play against real players, use the 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 buttons!

There are a few buttons, you're 100% right! It's definitely a lot for a classical IO game, but very average for a moba or versus or brawler game. With a few games you'll get used to them and should use them to their full potential!

Anyways thanks a lot for giving it a try, really means a lot to us!

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