Pointerup observable bug ?

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Well, my codes were working fine yesterday, this morning something went awry with my pointer observables. Dug a little into it and found similar reproducible results in . The playground example ( is working fine for the stable version, when I switch to latest version, clicking on the sphere or plane no longer triggers the pointerup event until I doubleclick. Consistent in the console log as well.

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Hello All,

yeah... this got introduced yesterday when we were trying to resolve - 


It's because introduction of this new variable -

Will make a new PR after testing thoroughly :) 

Meanwhile happy weekend ! My brain's bursting out ! The pointer events are too complicated :D 

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Looks like the pointerUp event is 'counted' as a pointerMove.

> Observers still work, only scene.onPointerUp seems to be affected.
> clickInfo.ignore is always true. (should be false for onPointerUp..)


I have to run so i'll tag this for you.

scene -> attachControl ->  _initClickEvent -> always sets "clickInfo.ignore = true" before callback is called.
See line 177 ->
( commented it out, and onPointerUp works again )

Is there a reason for that to be there`? 

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ok, this is a weird bug....finally got the repro.

Open the console and play with this:

a) click in the PG canvas, console should throw 2 counts of pointer up events.

b) Comment out camera.attachControl FOR the arc rotate camera, click run, click in canvas, console now throws 1 count of pointer up event.

c) Comment out var camera = new BABYLON.ArcRotateCamera..., uncomment the 2 lines on freecamera, click run, click in canvas, console throws 1 count of pointer up event.

So, it would seem like attach control for arc rotate camera is the bug....weird right ?

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