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Beppigames Puzzles

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Beppigames Puzzles

Two non-casual puzzles I made some years ago, both original concepts. Made all puzzles first on board/paper, no generators involved. Mandatory to read the games rules, in game or on games homepage (game rules link).

1. Sandcastles

Direct Link

Game Rules

A 30 level sliding tile game at the beach. You slide around "digging tiles": Where these cover sand diggings take place. Where your channels tap water they are flooded. 

Two objectives: 
1. Every sandcastle in a level needs to be on its own island.
2. All seastars in a level need to be put into water.

Created with plain Javascript and Pixi.

2. Peace Conference

Direct Link

Game Rules

A 47 level logic puzzle based on the Four Color Theorem.

You host an intergalactic Peace Conference. Its attended by psychotic politicians of four alien species of the Mars Attacks sort. Not unlike in a nursery your job is to assign every participant a place in the conference room and securing he does not freak out.

Two types of rules must be fulfilled by your seating order: A chair rule states a pair of species which cannot be placed on neighboring chairs without raising hell. A table rule states species which must be placed on each table to achieve a pacifying effect in the room.

In later levels you are assisted by staff of expertly skilled therapists (in martial arts ?) which can keep aliens in check even when chair rules are violated.

Initial game was Android and a Java/C++ mix. Replaced the Java part with C++ and SDL and created the HTML5 version utilizing emscripten.

You can mute the music in game options ("Silence").

For both puzzle games there are solutions available:










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Could you be a bit more specific ?

Trying to estimate the difficulty level:

Do you know the puzzle Vexed and its level packs ? Lets use that scale for reference.

Sandcastles: First 14 "Childrens". Last 16 evenly mix of "Classic" and "Twister".

Peace Conference: Approx. 6 "Twister". Rest mix of "Childrens" and "Classic". Even though rules description is not short this is a friendly puzzle.

Note: Please read the game rules. Because there is no interactive tutorial hand-holding I tagged it non-casual. Would not attempt to reverse engineer them just from playing.


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