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Infinity Land (beta) (sandbox platformer) [PHASER]

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I have chosen this forum to be the first place where i will communicate about the release of my game, because Phaser has a special place in my heart. 
i decided to work hard on this project, alone, and never talk about it until it was well polished. I was about to release the beta in a couple of days but... what a surprise, i just saw that PhantomStom made an article about it! I don't even know how he found the URL, but i'm glad he did it :). 

So a little earlier than i expected, here is Infinity Land (BETA): https://infinity-land.net/
It's a sandbox platformer, you can create your own levels, and share it with the community. Greatly inspired by Mario Maker of course, but also: Metroid, Mega Man, Super Meat Boy, i wanna be the boshy.

The levels i design are pretty hard because i like to improve from dying! but i will make more easy levels for beginners.
I suggest you to look at the SPECIAL INTERACTIONS page to know more about all the subtleties.

You can also play the controls tutorial without registering: CONTROLS TUTORIAL

You can help me to improve the game by reporting issues or misspelled worlds to support@infinity-land.net.

Thank you in advance for testing the game, any feedback is welcomed.

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10 hours ago, viso said:

Looks really cool. 👍

Thank you :) 👌

4 hours ago, webdva said:

I can tell that a lot of effort went into making this game. I played the tutorial level and the visuals and the gameplay are well made.

A lot! 😛 thank you for the feedback.

1 hour ago, jalex said:

It looks great! I tested the Control tutorial and the game runs smoothly. Nice video trailer as well.

Thank you for trying it! :P 

I will work on a remapping possibility for the move keys, right now, you can only move with cursor keys, or gamepad.

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I used the in-game level editor to accomplish this. This level has a concept, some challenge and interesting interactions, that's what makes it a good design.

When you begin with the level editor you're just throwing traps and enemies here and there, but when mastered, you can really make interesting things.


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