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How to get business verification done as an individual developer?

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I'd like to hear if you manage to get anywhere, cause I can't find any decent contact information... Only relaying stuff through Noel to get any kind of feedback at the moment, and i'm sure he answers

When will you do an individual verification?Lured people and threw. Terrible platform, terrible politics and bureaucracy. Well done.Loss of time, loss of money, loss of nerves - that will give Faceboo

We're still waiting for Individual Verification for Instant Games. Its available for Apps, but not Instant Games yet.

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Have been trying to get our business verified for Apknite since July 2018. It's been an incredibly frustrating experience although we've complied in every way.
They keep sending this message: "We are unable to verify ... as a business. We cannot verify that the domain of the website you provided belongs to the business."

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@13reasons Usually it is because:
- The website is under construction
- The website does not exist
- The website appears to be completely different content than what the business should represent (ex: an e-commerce website provided for a software developer company)
- The domain of your website has nothing to do with the domain of your email address (example: paul@delicious-food.com, website: www.cheap-cars.com)
- Some information about your business (name, address, etc.) do not appear anywhere on your website

I hope that helps.

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On 8/20/2020 at 9:57 AM, ThePotato said:

It was! Facebook has taken it down temporarily due to the pandemic.


Instant games verification is no longer an option. They have change the rules for Instant games even before pandemic. Bussines verification for FB IG is now mandatory.

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