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shader toy shader to pixi filter

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2 hours ago, Exca said:

I updated the fiddle to use another method for calculation of the implosion/explosion to make it a bit clearer for me as the one in shadertoy does things a lot differently how I usually do.

That should produce uniform changes to center no matter what resolution the renderer is. Changing the formulas used in bulge & implosion can be used to change the look of the effect.

[Edit] Also updated the pixi to latest.

you are awesome :)


yeah i can get it centering pretty well when i remove :

vec2 m = vec2(0.5, 0.5 /prop); //center coords /prop

the / prop bit

the original code in shader then multiplied it in the last to lines to the uv.

 vec3 col = texture2D(uSampler, vec2(uv.x, -uv.y * prop)).xyz;//Second part of cheat
                                                    //for round effect, not elliptical
  fragColor = vec4(col, 1.0);


My feeling is this is what gives it the edge flying past effect present in the shadertoy code ( when the fish eye is in )

and would, also ensure the roundness of the fisheye...

Your thoughts?

Thanks for the help btw, I starting to get the shader language a little better :)





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still trying to figure out how to get more of a circular indent in the lens instead of an elliptical buldge / indent...


but running smooth as butter in the context of the app performance wise :)



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float bind;//radius of 1:1 effect
  if (power > 0.0) bind = sqrt(dot(m, m));//stick to corners
  else {if (prop < 1.0) bind = m.x-0.3; else bind = m.y-0.3;}//stick to borders

if you offset m vec2 slightly I get the effect i was after which is nice :)

it in sense forces a spherical and push the peripheral pixels past the viewer.


thank you all for the help, this was fun :)





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