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[Phaser 3] Chase of Boxes

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I released a new platformer game yesterday. It is a little game, I couldn't find much time since I started working full time a month ago.

Hope you like it: https://www.kongregate.com/games/mapacarta/chase-of-boxes

Any feedback is appreciated. Because I don't have much time to work on new ideas these days, I am thinking about making small platformers like this one in the future.


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5 hours ago, jalex said:

I played it a little, and I liked the game. The idea with throwing boxes is good and it looks pretty. But on level 5 I think there was some kind of bug where when I threw two boxes on the jumper-thing the sound got caught in a loop.



Thanks for letting me know, I will look into it. That level also a little confusing I think :)

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For feedback, I'd say have a think about making a crawling up ladder sprite. Just using the same jumping sprite looks a bit weird.

I'm not sure about the graphics in general. Some parts I like (the character sprite) but some of the other game graphics don't seem to quite blend well together.

But otherwise, the game design is really solid,  I like! 

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