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Reward Adverts / Interstitual Adverts Question

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I have a game made, and have included Reward Adverts and/or Interstitual into the game.

I can see them when I play the game, but its saying in the review that 'the traffic has been blocked'. Does this mean that the adverts won't show for people?

Do I need to be Business Verified in order to use the Adverts for monetisation?

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My App ID is 263154244429285

I'm basically getting confused about the whole situation of getting a game live. I know there is a new Individual Form to fill in coming in the next few weeks (i think i read from your article).

The game has been reviewed and passed, great, i can also play with people that I invite, and they also will see the adverts. But when i look at the Monetisation Manager, it says that the traffic is blocked whilst its in appeal (but still shows ads). Unless i have the wrong end of the stick and it is working fine.

The only thing i guess before i launch is to do the Business Verification (as an Individual) which i'll have to wait for..


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Thanks Noel,

I have now contacted the Audience Network, and hopefully will get a reply.

And yes, the appealing process is that one you suggested (which I should hear from this week). I'm hoping that the issue is that I set it all up before I got the review, and now that the review has passed, hoping the audience network will be ok.


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