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I keep changing my avatar. A character defect? 🤒

Anyway I created it using BJS:

I needed to take a break from long-term projects, so I did this instant gratification stuff.       😁

Take a look, they're short, fun, & tinkerable!

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Hey @JCPalmer & @DylanD, well surprisingly, googling "webm to gif" led me straight to it.

But issues:

I repeatedly ran the PG with different time values in  recorder.startRecording("test.webm", 2)

in order to eliminate the jump as the vid cycled. (using the converter at

Ended up exceeding their 10/day limit.

Then I went to where they had editing options (trim by frame numbers) for the resulting gif.

I also used those editing options to remove alternate frames to shrink file size to fit avatar requirements.

Good luck, I hope it goes smoothly for you!            😃


Edit: one other issue:

to make the avatar, I put the playground code in a local .html where I set the canvas dimensions to avatar size (128px x 128px).

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If you look at the repo history, I had an initial commit with blue background.  It did not work, but thanks for thinking about it.  I have seen a .gif that worked which had transparency.

The thing in common with those which have worked is that they all have very few colors.  Think I will try to generate a .webm to an unpublished scene, based on my Blow Me Baby scene. Then try to follow your converter process.  It is Saturday, cold & rainy (grabbing beer).

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