Server side rendering?

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Hi !

I have a mobile game based on pixi.js+pixi-spine (let's call it the client). I also have a backend in node.js (let's call it the server).

Now, I want to dynamically generate gifs from my spine characters and display/send them from server's side.

I have 2 options:

  1. generate the gif files on the client, send them to the server
  2. store my spine assets on server, generate the gifs server side

I'd prefer option 2, but rendering on an headless server seems to not be a straight road. I tried quickly node-pixi, just the require is complaining about window missing.

Anybody has experience doing tis kind of server side rendering? Any suggestions?

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You may also want to consider using PhantomJS.  It's going to be much slower than in the browser (and WebGL won't be an option last time I checked) but it can often create "server-side" graphical results close to the "client-side" equivalent (and using the same code).

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I dunno about being lightweight ... the shim and other node canvas dependencies can be significant.  From my experience of server-side rendering I'd say the phantom route is less hassle, especially if using a remote service (e.g. phantomjscloud).

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