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4 hours ago, jalex said:

But I think that is a great idea to have an option continue from last chapter! I will add that. Thinking about if it should be an option "Continue" below "New game" or "Continue form last chapter" (longer text) in the Chapters menu?

I think "Continue" in main menu is better. And its better to make it above "New Game" 

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Based on some of your feedback I have made several updates of the game now that I feel have improved the game. If some of you would like to test the game and see if everything works it would be very appreciated. Just playing from start to chapter 2 or 3 would be enough.

Game link: http://jalex.se/classicspaceadventure/play/


The changes I made:

  • Added a Resume option that let the player shut down the game and then continue from the previous chapter. Items collected (spaceguns etc) are also stored, but not any other data (like enemies destroyed) since I felt that would be quite a lot work.
  • The chapters that have not yet been reached are not available until the player has reached them. 
  • Keyboard controls are stored if the player changes them during gameplay (by pressing "I").
  • Changed the graphics of the friendly robots a bit so that they hopefully will be easier to recognize. 
  • Changed the jump control some so that you don't fall down over edges too easy.
  • And some more smaller changes and minor bugs fixed.


Again thanks for the feedback! If you have more input on the game, just let me know.


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