A couple of Babylon.js technical questions

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Please let me introduce myself: I’m a total newbie in webgl related projects but I have a big experience in 3d and other render engines like Unreal, now I want to start using webgl experiments and obviously my first step is choosing a engine, but there are two things that will make my decision.

  • How Babylon.js stream the contents? I mean my project should be able to download the assets in streaming without needing to download everything before the “game” starts. Also I played in the past with Google Marzipano, it uses cubemaps (I’ll need them too in this one), but it has a supernice feature, it allows you to define them in lots of resolutions and it starts using the lower res version and once is loaded it tries to download a higher res and so.

  • Can I make raycast to concave meshes? I need to get the real world coordinates of a picked point in screen space.

Thank you in advance!

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Hello and welcome!!!

1. Babylon.js can stream content either on demand or when a mesh is required ( On demand is something that you can control by calling SceneLoader.Append() or assetsManager( We also support container that let you load data to use it later (

2. You can cast to any kind of geometry with scene.pick ( or The other way is supported with

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